Want to lose weight? Nothing is easier! First, however, must calculate whether it is necessary. Remove from your height in centimeters, number one hundred and get the upper limit of weight in kilograms, and if you remove the 110 – will get the lower limit. These plus-minus five kilograms are of normal weight range.

Naturally, at the lower range of people will decrease slightly, while higher can be a little bigger, but these numbers give you a rough guide if you need to be adjusted weight. If your desire is dictated by someone reply or seen on television anorexic “supermodel”, you better find psychic powers to itself like you as you are, than to imitate or please the other. So the decision is made – will lose weight! Okay, but you want the outcome to be sustainable … This means that we must change something in your system permanently. The daily regimen includes nutrition, exercise, mental work and rest.

Of these four factors is obtained fatter or weakening. We begin their study one by one. The most pleasant – break factor. Sleep is the best vacation. During sleep it is known that the brain activates its work to process all information received by receptors (vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch [touch, heat] and balance [body position in space, feeling slope above and below] … Interestingly, received six feelings of clairvoyance means remains to be SEVENTH SENSE, not sixth as previously thought …) during the day.

And we know that the brain consumes the greatest amount of energy in the body. Hence the conclusion that enough sleep is key to burning excess calories. You can obtain it by your bed so that the hours before 0:00 are multiplied by two and collected by hours of sleep after 0:00 to give the minimum amount of 8. For example, if you sleep (if not go to bed) at 22:00, two hours before twelve the number of 4, this means that you feel refreshed, that the brain is processed everything you can become as early as 4: 00 hours in the morning. Accordingly, if you go to sleep at 23:00, you must get up no earlier than 6:00 am and sleep at 0:00 is recommended that you become no earlier than 8:00 am.

This is approximate and depends on the health of the organism and the availability of joint and nocturnal sleep disturbances. The next factor is the load of the brain during the day (mental work). As noted above, the brain is a major consumer of energy in the body. It consumes about a quarter of all energy. Use it active during the day to have an effect on weight loss.

Even when “not” work can find a Brain activity – write (better hand), read, paint, dance. Films and television programs limit the operation of the brain. In this regard, it is always better for the development of imagination to read the book first and then watch movies on it, because the film gives a ready mind pictures that otherwise have the imagination to build itself. Suitable food for normal functioning of the brain are rice, pasta, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, citrus fruits, mackerel, tuna, sardines, salmon, olives, nuts. Factor movement has a positive impact on insulin sensitivity of muscle, especially when eating or drinking foods containing sugar, fructose syrup, artificial sweeteners.

Due to the negative effect of fructose pozvlyavat muscles of insulin to break down excess calories they accumulate in and around the liver in the form of fat. Therefore the movement is important for maintaining muscle tone. To break, but all the energy of a large hamburger is needed 10 hours mountain biking! Therefore, it is easier simply to restrict eating, rather than burn calories. So last but not least factor is diet.

All the factors mentioned so far deal with the calories you consumed. That is, they bear the consequences, and the cause remains. Restricting the food eaten and its nature are the best thing you can do to lose weight quickly and permanently. Do not be afraid – you will not die of starvation, the restriction is only for certain foods. Throw everything at home that contains sugar or fructose syrup (some manufacturers do write “glucose-fructose syrup”), including Coke, Pepsi, “natural” juices, soft drinks (carbonated and non-carbonated).

Sugar represents 50% glucose + 50% fructose, and the same glucose-fructose syrup. Honey is approximately 40 to 40%. There are three “P” to remove from the food to be healthy: Refined sugar, refined (white) bread, refined oil. Instead: glucose (liquid or powder) or just fruit (fresh and dried) whole wheat or rye bread, cold-pressed oil or cold-pressed olive oil. You have to try Acai Barry Thin Fructose or fruit (Fruit) sugar is much sweeter than glucose.

When fructose is combined with fiber (fiber) in fruit it is excreted from the body and has no harmful effects. In pure form (without fiber – the sugar or pure fructose powder) it is processed only in the liver like poison in the same way as alcohol. It becomes fat, unlike glucose. Therefore, avoiding foods containing fructose without fiber. Otherwise, you increase your intake of fiber – wheat germ, wheat bran, oatmeal, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, cocoa powder, flaxseed (ground), raisins, fruits and vegetables.

Raw! The less you eat cooked, the more you will be healthy and fat will melt imperceptibly. Meat and meat foods is best to eat once a day, preferably boiled or roasted. Do not eat fried in any form, including chips. Eggs are very healthy because they contain many important nutrients.

They raise good cholesterol, in contrast to fructose, which clogs the arteries of bad cholesterol. It is also what foods or combine in one meal. Do not combine starches with protein meals. Starch are bread, potatoes, rice, wheat, rye, oats. The combination of these cause stomach ailments and cultivated part of the food, which leads to rot in the intestines and diseases.

Each of these groups combined freely with vegetables. Here is a sample daily diet: Breakfast – 1 jar of yogurt, oatmeal (2-3 tablespoons), wheat bran (1-2 tbsp), 1-2 tablespoons Raisins, 5 almond nuts, hazelnuts 3, 5 cashew nuts, walnuts 5-6 quarters, 1-2 tablespoons linseed (lightly ground) 2 teaspoons sesame seeds (slightly crushed), cocoa powder (optional, 1 tsp) cinnamon (optional 1 pinch), ginger (powder, optional 1 pinch) , add a little water, mix well and leave in the evening in the refrigerator. All nuts are raw. You can eat it with a banana in the morning. Lunch – eggs, cheese and vegetables.

The amount is how much you eat. Do not eat bread and dessert. After lunch at 15-16:00 hours can eat a few apples or other fruit is sweet as you. Dinner – up to 20 o’clock – steak, salad and some red wine. The amount is enough to satiate you.

Do not eat bread and dessert. Another option for dinner is a potato and vegetable salad (and a little beer on request). Do not add cheese or other protein foods to the potatoes. These are zdravodeyni, not health advice, because they require action from you. Time to live zdravodeyno, not to mention healthy!

With this arrangement, and following factors except factor movement because I can not move enough, I lost 9 kg for 14 days. Try it and you!